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Looking For a Free E-mail Account?
There a lots of good resons for haveing more then one e-mail account. From recieving and sending presonal e-mail from work or a place to send all your junk mail. Our team of reviewers scour the net to find the best in free e-mail, forwarding and redirect services. Sign up for a few and see which works best for you.

FREE, Full Feature Email Accounts

box7.gif (682 bytes) We recommend getting a FREE account from NETADDRESS. By using this service you can reap the same benefits of having your own mail server, without any extra costs, you name it,they do it. Check Email anywhere, mail forwarding, send files, etc.
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Free E-mail From
Get an e-mail address from and enter to win cash and prizes every time you use it. Our reviewers rated this site a solid 10. and this free sites has gotten great raves from the Howard Stern Show, so check it out.

More Great Free Email Providers
Free E-MAIL Service With "Junk Mail" Filter                            Our reviewers rated this the top free Email service for accessing your emails from home or work. It features over 6MB of storage plus it has a "Junk Mail" Filter that works.
Free Return Recipts and Multi POP
MailArmada is the most powerfull free service we found ans  now provides Free Mail Tracking and Return Recipts You can see in real time not only if the e-mail was delivered successfully, but whether or not the recipient has opened and read the e-mail as well.
Choose From Over 20,000 Free Names Addresses has  the largest collection of  free personalized email addresses on the internet. you can select an email address that suits your style from over 20,000 unique addresses, and access your email 24/7 from anywhere in the world via any web browser on any computer with web access. Your email is as portable, flexible, and active as you are!