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How can I get 100% FREE Internet Access ?                                                         

Yes, its true. Several new internet providers now offer free access to the internet.  Advertisers pay for your internet access the same way they pay for radio and TV shows.  You do not pay to listen to the radio, the advertisers do!

Netzero, Altavista, ifreedom, WorldSpy , DialFree and are the major free internet providers.  We recommend   DialFree !  It currently has no advertising banners!

Do I need to buy anything,  give my credit card, or sign a commitment? 

These are truly FREE with no commitments or strings and no sign up fee. You can even sign up for more than one free service provider.

How do I find a local access number ?

There are over 3500 local access numbers in the US and Canada. Each free provider has different coverage. First go to  Dial Free  and then , they have the most local numbers.

What dial-up and connection speeds do they support?

They all support up to 56K, V.90 modem speeds.  Excellent speed and availability at absolutely no cost. 

How do I start saving $21 per month with a FREE Internet Provider?

Register with at least one listed free provider.  Select a screen name and password, then down load the required software. 

Prove it to yourself, keep your current provider until your are convinced how great  FREE internet service can be. Try all free services and decide which is best for you.  There is nothing to loose and hundreds to save!

Find Toll Free  Local Access Number in Your Area


And check out Callwave, a free software download that tells you what calls you missed when you are online, so there is no need for a second phone line.

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Hear Who's Calling While You're On-Line!.




DialFree free Internet Access with no advertising!




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