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Welcome MP3 users!
Our goal is to provide info to keep you up to date on the latest FREE MP3 software, downloads and services. Our team of reviewers scour the net to find the best in free music goodies from MP3 to free music videos and CDs! Try each site and see for yourself.

Tired of Slow MP3 Downloads?
Get this free download accelerator.

Double Your MP3 Download Speed
Lets face it, if you are using a modem or Cable connect, downloading music can take forever. If you want to download faster, try this FREE Software download that promises to increase your download speed by 100%! Click Here to accelerate your MP3 Downloads.                           
Looking For Free Music?
mp3_text_md_wht.gif (5734 bytes) Unlimited Free MP3 Music Downloads
This is one of the best new free music download sites on the web. They focus on great quality new and emerging music including new breaking acts from the majors. They have over 7,500 artists and 20,000 songs available for free download across all genres. Enter Download Site Here.
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160,000 Free MP3 Downloads
Get Free unlimied downloads from Emusic.Com.
Over160,000 music tracks, 13,000 albums, 8,500 bands and 700 labels representing all styles of music. This site is now offering a 30 day free trail on downloads. Sign up now for their free Library.

More Free Music Stuff
thumb.gif (3394 bytes) World first automatic digital photoalbum - FlipAlbum - FlipAlbum is a complete hassle-free photo/music album software. It creates automatically a 3D page-flipping album with MP3s of any folder complete with thumbnails and index. Ideal for sharing images and MPs with Friends and Family. Check out their free trail download.
Free MP3 Mega Suite
A huge free suite of products to record, play, and organize your MP3 files. This fantastic suite includes both the Sony MP3 Digital Stereo Player & Recorder, a complete MP3 player and recorder software program, and the MP3 Power Pack, a comprehensive software collection of MP3 applications and utilities that gives you everything you need and more to record, organize, and enjoy all your MP3s and .wav files.
Over 75 Different Free CD's!
We've found a place where Gaming CD's that cost over $50.00 are FREE!!  No catch! No Shareware! The real deal! 75 different CD's to choose from. We think they are dumping inventory. 
Win a Sony Play Station 2!
The easy way to Win a new Playstation 2. Just fill out the questionare (whose says you have to tell the truth). Just make sure you use a vaild e-mail address, so they can notify you, when you win.
Free 50 Minute Phone Card
The best free deal on the net! Get a free 50 minute phone card in exchange for your e-mail address....or anybodies email address.