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Guide To Free Phone Services

Review by Mindy Green

Complete Guide to Free Phone Services: This month's guide features proven methods to make free phone calls anywhere in the USA.   Detailed information on how to get free long distance and local phone call service.  Use with any home, business or payphone or use pc to phone.  Information on free phone call waiting services and free internet answering machines for your phone and PC. Complete list of free phone services and free calling cards.


Guide to Free Phone Resources


Free Long Distance

Now you can make 100% free long distance phone calls using your pc.  We surfed the net and found some of the best and truly free phone calling services  You can make free long distance calls simply by viewing or listening to ads before or during a free call.   These services are available at NO COST OR OBLIGATION to you.  If you are paying anything for long distance, you are paying too much!!  There are many formats available for you to.......             Click for full details...........

Free Phone Cards
You can now get free calling cards with up to 50 minutes of free calls from at least a dozen different Companies. All you need to do is complete a small survey or simply listen to a brief one minute commercial before the call. Ideal for emergencies, simply fill.......                                          Click for full details.........

Double your phone lines Internet speed - Free
Tired of slow connections over your phone? A newly introduced free service from Netsetter has been proven to increase speed and performance of your phone line 100%. Using high-speed servers and unique compression technologies this free service.........                       Click for full details.........

Free Call Waiting
Thinking about adding a dedicated telephone line for your computer so you won't miss important phone calls? Think again! Now, you can surf the Internet on your single phone line without worrying about missing important calls. That's because the FREE Internet Answering Machine makes it possible to hear who's calling while you are surfing the Web, chatting on America Online, or .......                 Click for full details.........


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