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Its true! You can now make free local and long distance calls to any home, business or pay phone, directly from your PC or from any phone.

There are two ways to make free phone calls that are not ........well, illegal. The first  is through the various internet phone programs (PC to Phone) that allow you to make free calls through your computer, the second are the free calling card offers available on the net.

Free Calls Using Your PC

There are several software programs and services that allow you to make phone calls directly through your PC to any phone in the world. The industry leader is Net2Phone, but they charge by the minute.  There a two excellent Free services that are available: Freephone and  Call2Go .  You simply download the software and dial the number you want to call. In return for allowing you to make free calls through their system, they run an adverting banner on your screen while your making the call.  Just like Television, and Radio, the sponsors pay, so you do not have to. There are  no hidden costs, charges or credit cards required.  Try Freephone first and then Call2go, see which free servcie you like better.

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Free Calling Cards

These Free calling cards are great for emergencies, require no commitment, credit card or personal information besides an e-mail address. There a two two types. One shot promotions and advertiser based  phone cards. We recommend that you sign-up with all of them.......Hey, it's free!

One Shot Free Promotions - Free 50 Minute Phone Cards

In the one shot promotions, you get a free limited minute (20-50 minutes) phone card in return for filling out a survey or registering for a free newsletter. The three majors are Yes'sDaytips and Eprize with up to 50 minutes of Free long distance. Fill out their quick survey forms ( who said you have to give them truth), and make sure you give them your correct e-mail address for them to send you the Pin# and 800#. Send a couple to your friends and family so they can make Free Calls!

Advertiser based Cards - Unlimited Free Calling Cards

With these type of cards, such as PhoneHog, you start off with a free 20 minute card. An additional 2-5 minutes are added every time you read an advertisers e-mail sent to you. You can rack up 100's of minutes by just clicking on your e-mails, with out ever reading them.

Get Phone Calls While On-Line

A new Free service from Callwave allows you take take phone calls and messages while you are online. Now, you do not need to get a second phone line. When someone calls you on the phone line that you are using for your internet connection, instead of getting a busy signal, a message pops up to tell you you have a call.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  

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