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Its true! You can now make free long distance and local phone calls to any home, business or pay phone, directly from your PC using free Internet Phone Software. Just download the free software and plug a microphone  into your PC.

Just like Television, Radio and Free Internet , sponsors pay, so you do not have to. Make a free call directly from your PC,  see a brief banner message from the paying sponsor (the commercial) and you can place a call anywhere in the USA. Its that simple! 

There are no hidden costs , charges or credit cards required. These Free services are 100% paid for by advertising sponsors. Download  and call a friend today!

No Cost, No Credit Cards, No Phone Bills

Free Long Distance calls anywhere in the US.

Throw away that expensive calling card!

Download this Free Software Today!

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new.gif (1082 bytes)And check out CallwaveFREE Internet call waiting software, that allows you to get phone calls while on-line, so there is no need for a second phone line.              

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